January 2, 2010

Sharing just a little more DUI misery

If for no other reason than to avoid attending 10 weeks of Fairfax County DUI ASAP classes. . . DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE HERE.

I've got about two more months to go of my "rehabilitation" and, true . .at least I'm not in jail. But, if these photos don't dissuade you from passing on that second drink then you must be able to tolerate misery far better than I.

I found another photo on my iPhone this afternoon and decided to start a Flickr set to chronicle this unbelievably boring journey. I have been enjoying days off from the classes because of the holidays. But, when I ran across this photo reality was back in my face.

This photo was taken while our instructor read articles about drunk driving that he had found on the Internet. Yes, it really is as depressing as it looks.

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