January 5, 2010

Friends through Facebook

So much has changed in the three years that this blog remained stagnant as a result of a lost password.  One of the major changes is the state of social networking on the Internet.  Polar Trippin' was created when the mainstream was unfamiliar with blogging, Web 2.0 and all of the social networks that have now become a fixture in our culture today.

Today, I talked for the first time with a friend I found on Facebook.  I have never met her in person, although we did attend the same high school.  Over the last several months we have been exchanging emails offering support and sharing experiences dealing with our commonality, bipolar disorder.

It was strange at first.  Especially, since I am an introvert at heart.  But, by the end of the conversation we had shared the most intimate of details.  Sharing all the gory details that typically scar all of the women that bear this illness . . . alcohol and drug abuse, sexual indiscretions, medication juggling, tortured friends and family and the negative stigma that hangs around our necks like an albatross.

So, I welcome the advent of modern day social networking.   I would have never shared any of the gory details of my life with her had we not established a level of trust through Facebook.  Now, I not only have another vehicle of support, I have found a kindred.

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