April 23, 2007

Zyprexa Withdrawal

I think that the Zyprexa is completely out of my system now. After a bout with depression, I believe was part of withdrawal, I feel like my old self again. Well, my old self but not manic.

I'm also thrilled that my thinner former self is back. I dropped 8 pounds in two weeks once I stopped taking the Zyprexa. That was easy.

And how do I feel mentally?

Well, I can definitely identify the type of thinking, my thinking, that caused me to go crazy a few months ago. Only this time, I recognize it as abnormal thinking. So far, so good. I've even had no problems with alcohol, which I thought would be an issue.

I just finished creating my resume. It's time to get out of this house.


LuKe said...

Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that blog! - If your still around on the internet i would love to have short conversation with you because im on my 2nd day without zyprexa. I have been taking symbyax for 9 months. I started out with 12mg. About 3/5 months later i was taken down to 5mg. Then 2/3 months later down to 3mg. Im wanting to stop this toxic pill because iv gained 60Lbs within 9 months! I use to weigh 142 now i weigh 202. Thats ALOT of body fat! I cannot fit any of my clothes! Well it would be very good to hear from you and others that could offer me some advice for stopping this drug! Thanks for this blog it gave me hope! Luke Fr/ OHIO

LuKE said...

Hello; I forgot to leave my contact information. My Yahoo ID/E-mail address is: ey_b_06@yahoo.com