April 10, 2007

Waiting for my weight

One thing that hasn't changed as quickly as I wanted once I ditched the Zyprexa, is the return of my girlish figure. While I'm certainly not "fat," I missed the svelte 5 foot 7, 130 pounds that was quite low maintenance. But, I succumbed to the hunger that the pill breeds and put on almost an extra 20 pounds. I really believe it is like eating little mini cheese burgers.

I just weighed myself and am now at 140. Yes, it's better than the 146 I peaked at a few weeks ago, but I won't be satisfied until I'm at 135.

Yes, I know it's only been five full days since I stopped taking it. But, we bipolar girls gravitate to extremes and I'm ready to see it in my waistline.

Oh well, at least no alcohol cravings today.

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