January 20, 2007

Wearing me out

I was reading through email sent to me by various organizations informing readers about development in the treatment of bipolar disorder. While there was no earth shattering news to get excited about, I did run across an interesting clothing line.

These garments are known as "BiPolar Wear." Judging from the models on their website, it looks like they cater to skateboarders and underground rock groupies in their late teens or early twenties. Most of the shirts have "bipolar wear" splashed across the front with a pair of antonyms on the sleeves, for example "love" on the right arm and "hate" on the left.

Interesting concept. . . . use an incurable illness as the theme for a line of clothing.

Gotta go . . . . I need to get to work on "Psoriasis Wear."

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