January 17, 2007

Respirdal rocks!

Biting raw anxiety domineered my thoughts and feelings over the last few days. Unease, apprehension over nothing clung to me like the steam in a sauna. Choosing to call my doctor, as opposed to picking up the bottle, I begged him for help.

Deep down in my evil self somewhere, I was hoping that he might prescribe some Ativan or Klonopin. Thankfully, he is smarter than that. After seeing me through a 28 day stint at Father Martin's Ashley, he knows better than to offer me something addictive.

Instead, he prescribes Respirdal. Respirdal is used for the treatment of Schizophrenia and for BiPolar mania. Whatever it's for, it took only two pills to bring me back to a safer earth.

Now that I am calm and content, I look back and wonder what was happening. Was I about to launch into another manic episode? If I had drank, most certainly, my day would have ended up differently, like in a hospital. But instead, I'm blogging about my successful treatment.

I guess it also helps to have gulped a few Adderall this afternoon as well.

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