January 19, 2007

Pot is your friend

I smoke pot. And, if I have a lot of it, I smoke a lot of it.

I truly believe that marijuana possesses properties capable of calming some of the emotional storms always present in a bipolar mind. Well, at least it does for me anyway.

What a shame that such a kind plant would be made illegal. For me, as an alcoholic, it is simply nonsensical that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. Pot never came close to obliterating my life like rum and coke did. If anything, it served as a deterrent from wanting to drink.

I tried to get my doctor to prescribe legal marijuana it to me. But, I guess I was not convincing enough presenting my case.

I would love to know if other bipolars feel the same way about weed.


Anonymous said...

100% absolutely agree! I think people are afraid to agree because of all the stigma surrounding pot. Not to mention they are scared of "going to jail".

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of a video claiming pot was commonly used by mexican workers in the afternoon to relax.

Gledwood said...

I have thorny problems that include depression and may or may not be bipolar plus I have a raging drugs habit that but I'm being scripted methadone... Anyway maybe I'm just a weirdo but last time I smoked weed it was a tiny doot the size of half a tictac ~ I was thrown into intense darkness and paranoia until this tiny dose wore off an hour or so later. A dose any much bigger, I know from experience will probably have me hearing voices ~ lovely...